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media finance structures

john zabel

The world of entertainment - from acquisition/development of the initial idea, through the physical production process, to the ultimate delivery and exhibition to the public, and finally with the reporting and accounting for the various contracts with talent and creative elements - is complex and requires an understanding of the specific, and sometimes conflicting, objectives of the various parties to the process (studios,financiers, distributors, rights buyers, talent elements) to effectively manage these relationships. Most often, one party has the advantage of greater knowledge or experience. Media Finance Structures, LLC (“MFS”) was created to help level the playing field.

MFS allows John Zabel, CEO, a nationally recognized CPA with 25+ years of senior financial executive experience in both the major studio environment (Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Entertainment) and the independent financing and production environment (Peter Guber’s Mandalay Entertainment), to provide the major studios, independent production companies, international rights buyers, the entertainment legal community and potential investors with the quality and breadth of service that has heretofore not been available to them on a project basis. From the list of clients served since operations commenced in spring of 2002 you can see that. MFS is only about client service and focused results.